ZAC du MIN | Rue Jean Monnet | 84300 CAVAILLON | FRANCE

ZAC du MIN | Rue Jean Monnet | 84300 CAVAILLON | FRANCE

Profiles, tubes, cords

Hollow or full profiles, tubes, cords, square and rectangular sections, tailor-made dies that live up to your expectations.

Our job : to manufacture silicone articles by linear meter

If you profiles to make coils for direct sale by linear meter or to be transformed, we adapt our dies and our production depending on your needs.

sterne-silicone-rubber.comAt Sterne, we have :

• A range of compact silicone available with a degree of hardness from 7 to 90 Sh A +/-5, our standard being 60 Sh A +/-5.
• A wide range of colors, with standards being red iron and translucent.
Homologated silicones available : Food industry FDA, CE 1935-2004, Medical & Pharmaceutical : USP Class VI, ISO 10993
• Others : temperature resistance from 200°C (standard), 250°C, 300°C tol 400°C.
• Different working environments : an industrial workshop and clean rooms (ISO 6, ISO 7 & ISO 8).
• Several finishing possibilities in our making and finishing workshop, adhesive possibilities as well.
• Possibility of color edging, choice of color and/or multi-lumen
• Extrusion tolerance according to the ISO 3302-1 category E2 as standard (E3 for silicone sponge) possibility of tolerance E1 or tighter, if necessary.
sterne-silicone-rubber.comOur technical limitations :

• Cords: minimum diameter of 0,2 mm
• Squared and rectangular sections with width up to 300mm
• Silicone hoses, tubes : minimum Ø 0,3X0,6 maximum exterior Ø110
Silicone rubber profiles:
Silicone rubber E profiles, L profiles, P profiles, "mushroom" profiles, Square based U sections, U profiles, D sections, Lip profiles, Inflatable shape profiles, H profiles, Omega profiles, Edging silicone profiles, Key hole sections, Autoclave profiles, Cross sections profiles, Customized extruded rubber profiles, and many other complex-shape profiles, even technical ones, based on diagrams.

At Sterne, we also have a range of sponge/cellular silicone with a standard density of 250kg/m3, but density can be increased to 600 kg/m3, with a wide range of colors (off white being our standard color). Check our SWELLSILL® brand for more details.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any specific requirements regarding material properties and characteristics, standards, or sizes.


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