ZAC du MIN | Rue Jean Monnet | 84300 CAVAILLON | FRANCE

ZAC du MIN | Rue Jean Monnet | 84300 CAVAILLON | FRANCE


A policy of constant improvement, technical solutions, specific and tailor-made, the passion of silicone, to love what we undertake, surprising you but especially satisfying you, building solutions together. WELCOME TO STERNE !
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At Sterne, innovation is one of the intrinsic resources we cultivate every day at different levels. We take into consideration that innovation is a real leitmotiv that goes into building our competitive advantages; here we do not wish to exercise our profession as our competitors do, we want to stand out by avoiding mass markets such as the automobile sector.

Innovation is even more striking when it involves employees; it federates our investors, and makes everyone aware of our daily contribution to universal projects, with technological advances for different sectors of activity.

Technical innovation

Since its creation, Sterne continues to set up "home made" manufacturing processes. With presses initially intended for rubber processing, customized to meet its needs, our SME has managed to enter the specialist silicone market.
Sterne adapts all of its standard tools according to customer needs and expectations: this highlights our R&D capacity.
The company continues to invest in more and more sophisticated tools in order to support its new projects. In 2016, Sterne launched its first version of SIO-Shaping, an additive manufacturing technology that consists in depositing 100% UV-cured silicone filaments. silicone
Sterne is not only involved in technical innovation in machines or production processes; it is also specialized in the development of materials. Seven trade marks have been developed; each responding to specific technical properties. The contribution to, and support of, new projects, that implement development and monitoring, are part of the daily life of Sterne. silicone
Finally, Sterne does not hesitate implement an acquisition strategy when needed, in order to acquire new expertise. As such, since March 2014, Sterne has become part of the 5 Axes Company, an expert in the field of all-material machining who has concentrated for the last 8 years on the improvement of tools dedicated to the manufacture of silicone articles.

Organizational innovation

In a constant quest for improvement and optimization, and always following the general and positive evolution of the company, the executive management has chosen, from the beginning, to establish a quality management system that meets the ISO 9001 : 2015 and IS0 13485 : 2016 standards. The company is organized according to a unique system, which includes both the processes and administrative parts. Quality and traceability are thereby guarantees for customers.


In addition to its quality management system, Sterne draws on its skills for setting up and developing, internal tools specifically created for a single company both in its activity and in its daily management.


Innovation in Human Resources (HR) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our social policy is mainly based respect for people and for differences; we are above all turned to a 'human' approach of listening, support and assistance, not just being the executive management. We strive to remain close to our employees, to remain accessible and available, and above all to respect our commitment
Jean-Claude Scardigli, CEO

In the past, Sterne had to consider relocating its production, reconsidering its resources. Sterne met a local "adapted company" who was in a gridlock, close to bankruptcy; and who were looking for solutions to save threatened jobs. From this, a new partnership was born. Since then, many disabled workers have become an integral part of the Sterne’s personnel.
Since its creation, the company has encouraged student employment through work-study contracts, some of which have resulted in permanent contracts. It is also involved with a Rugby Club called BCI XV, located in the little town named Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. This involvement has two goals, on one hand, to pass on and to implement the values of rugby (respect, solidarity, abnegation, sharing); but also to promote the integration of young people into the professional world through a job / training unit.


silicone In 2012, Sterne created a corporate foundation named "I.SIL'ART". Initially reserved for experienced artists, I.SIL'ART has now been extended to Sterne employees, allowing them to expand their creativity. Here employees are confronted with silicone in another dimension, an approach that is different but, which, according to them, serves as a resource for self-expression.

Art exhibitions and openings are organized to introduce the paintings of the artist-employees; the company’s hallways have become a living gallery.



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