ZAC du MIN | Rue Jean Monnet | 84300 CAVAILLON | FRANCE

ZAC du MIN | Rue Jean Monnet | 84300 CAVAILLON | FRANCE


To find solutions, to meet needs, to stand out, to innovate... to surprise you with our skills, the silicone experience is also part of Sterne’s expertise.

With new ideas, material or technical solutions, our laboratory is perfectly equipped to study and meet your needs. Our laboratory team develops controls and tests the silicones.
Our equipment and know-how allow us to develop specific raw material mixtures tailored to your specifications, your technical needs and your expectations regarding silicone. Research and development are an integral part of our daily lives. A R&D chain is built according to specific processes where, after a development phase, the product moves through a test phase: dipping, mechanical tests... We remain at your disposal to work on silicone matter according to your expectations.

certification ISO Sterne


At Sterne, the laboratory is in charge of research and development of our projects :

• Internally by meeting all the internal needs expressed by the Sterne company
• externally according to customers’ expectations.


For external projects, we offer our customers support in product development : from design to manufacture.

Lastly, for internal projects, we develop and set up processes to extend our know-how. The latest projects of the laboratory are :

SiO-shaping : 3D silicone printing technology by the deposit of silicone filaments
100% UV cured silicone and processes


Equipment devoted to research and development


To complete the space dedicated to research and development for internal and external projects, we have specialized equipment in the laboratory: a vacuum oven, universal testing machines (traction from 25N to 250N), durometers (ShOO & ShA), a density meter.

Other devices or equipment can be involved to develop project-specific tests.


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