ZAC du MIN | Rue Jean Monnet | 84300 CAVAILLON | FRANCE

ZAC du MIN | Rue Jean Monnet | 84300 CAVAILLON | FRANCE

Custom fabricated products and finishing

Our especial benefit: technical know-how for manufacturing unique pieces as well as small or large series.

Our job: Technical knowledge, precise finishing

Silicone profiles, silicone sheets and reworked silicone items that meet the needs and expectations of various markets: medical, pharmaceutical, food industry, transportation, energy and industry.

sterne-silicone-rubber.comAn environment choice defined by regulatory requirements: in either the industrial or clean room environment, we have specialized equipment and trained employees to produce your different silicone products.

Sterne’s processes are controlled by a quality management system that is in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13 485: 2016 standards.

certificats ISO
sterne-silicone-rubber.comAt Sterne, we do :

• Assembling : 100% silicone products or related items
• Custom cutting of flat silicone seals, or according to a pre-defined shape into silicone sheets
• Drilling, length cutting, beveling
• Manufacturing of silicone sleeves: conic, cylindrical, square or rectangular
• Vulcanization of silicone cords and profiles into rings or frames
• Over molded silicone corners, with specialized tools
• Cold gluing: silicone cords or silicone profiles bonded into rings or frames
• Inflatable silicone rubber seals
We have a great capacity for adaptability, flexibility and responsiveness. Our design and laboratory teams are available to study your needs, determine their feasibility and application methods so that the ideal manufacturing process is used.



Since at Sterne our goal is to supply you with a correct finished product, both in technical properties and aesthetic finishing, we have a variety of resources to perfect your silicone products :
Pad printing : a system for silicone printing with silicone inks
Laser marking
Manual deburring for precise and accurate finishing
Cryogenic deburring : a method of removing burrs by very negative cold, in contact with nitrogen, the burr becomes brittle.
Tribofinishing, which is a method of improving abrasive finishing
Double faces adhesive application
• Surface treatment, such as BVMS or fluoronisation, reduces the friction coefficient on the surface of the finished pieces.


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